Power Supply

Company Temax manufactures power supplies for feeding devices of railway line telephone system in the stations, dispatcher centers, electric traction substations, ABS and level crossing huts; as well as power supply for remote track telephone, equipment of train loudspeaker system and other devices.

System for remote telephone power supply DNT Tm-2901 is used for stable and uninterrupted supply inductor type track telephone. It consists of station DC/DC converter 24/2x48V, SK Tm-2901, line converter 48/3,6V, LK Tm-2901 and feeding line in the track line cable. A line converter is installed in track telephone enclosure.

Station converter SK Tm-2901

Line converter LK Tm-2901

For feeding track telephone intercom type PT Tm-4901, only station converter is used because line converter is part of telephone