Outdoor Telephones Type Tm-4901

Outdoor telephones purpose is establishing communication between drivers, trackmen and other officials of the dispatcher centers, railway stations and other official places.

According to the purpose and installation place there are following types of outdoor telephones:

  • Entry signal telephone TUS Tm-4901
  • Exit signal telephone TIS Tm-4901
  • Track telephone PT Tm-4901
  • Telephone in automatic block section (ABS) hut TAPB Tm-4901
  • Telephone at ABS hut TAPB Tm-4901A1
  • Telephone in level crossing hut (PP) TPP Tm-4901
  • Telephone at level crossing hut TPP Tm-4901A1
  • CB telephone TCB Tm-4901

Telephones are intercom type. Electronic units and devices, intercom panel and other telephone elements are built in silumine housing fitted on supporting post.

Entry signal telephone housing is accommodated for mounting on the signal post.

Exit signal telephone (left) and entry signal telephone in Rakovica station

Telephones in ABS and level crossing huts - supporting plates with electronics and other elements as well as operating panels are built in the hole (window) of huts. As circumstances require, these telephones can be built in telephone housings fitted on supporting posts near huts.

Telephone in level crossing hut in Jajinci station

Operating panel of outdoor telephone is made of aluminum plate that provides needful mechanical robustness. On the upper section of panel are line keys and keys for dialing across lines with call separation, key for panel illumination, optical indication LED diodes, microphone and loudspeaker. The keys are metallic and therefore resistive to mechanical strain. On the lower part of panel operating manual is written.