Operator Console TKP Tm 4304 Type

Operator console concentrates track and local lines in railway stations and dispatching centers. It is accommodated for operating with control unit CU Tm-4304 type.

Operator console enables communication with or without handset (Speaker phone system), pulse and tone dialing in automatic telephone network (RAT and PABX), phone connection on hold, automatic sending of a train movement announcement signal, incoming call optical and acoustics indication.

Enclosure is molten of silumine and therefore resistant to mechanical influences providing good protection for incorporated elements.

Operator Console Types:

  • Operator Console 49-keys, TKP Tm 4304-49 with 8 common function keys and 41 programmable line keys (RAT-PABX/LB/CB)
  • Operator Console 27-keys, TKP Tm 4304-27 with 7 common function keys and 20 programmable line keys (RAT-PABX/LB/CB)
  • Operator Console 21-keys, TKP Tm 4304-21 with 4 common functions keys and 14 programmable line keys (RAT-PABX/LB/CB)
  • Larger capacity operator consoles applied in the dispatching centers are designed according to the number of selective line terminals


TKP Tm 4304-49


Central traffic dispatcher operator
console, TKP Tm 4304-192