Equipment and Units for Substitution of Relay Equipment

Equipment and electronic units for substitution are functionally and mechanically compatible with corresponding relay equipment.

Beside dispatching central control unit, selective station and track line transceivers, applied in new designed as well as in existing railway line telephone systems, the following equipment is used only for substitution of existing equipment on main arterial routs in Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia:


Operator Console Type TKP Tm 1402

Operator console types are : 80-keys (TKP Tm 1402-80) and 45-keys (TKP Tm 1402-45)

TKP Tm 1402-80

TKP Tm 1402-45

Both operator consoles use keys arrangement and marking correlated to existing consoles, using same operating instructions. Enclosure is molten of silumine.

Electronic Pulse Repeater ERI 5027A
Pulse repeater is intended for regeneration amplitude and duration of dialing pulses degraded by transmission across the selective dispatching lines.

Repeater can be used standing alone or coupled with line AF amplifier. Two-wire transmission is used for pulse dialing, and two-wire or four-wire for voice signal transmission, depending on the applied system.

Pulse regenerator module is installed in track of relay pulse repeater.

Electronic Polarized Relay PR Tm 3299-Z103
Electronic polarized relay functionally substitutes electromechanical polarized relay, used in relay devices of railway line telephone system. Relay is line dialing pulses receiver and it is placed in input circuits of central control units (exchanges) at dispatching traffic and electric traction selective systems as well as in station and line selective transceivers and pulse repeater.